Under the leadership of the Legislative/Environmental Committee, our chapter seeks to educate members about critical issues affecting them and to call for action as appropriate when legislation may have a negative impact on their lives.

The committee arranges for informed community leaders to speak to our monthly chapter meetings at least once or twice a year.  Click the Meetings tab at left to learn about upcoming chapter programs that will give members a chance to interact with current leaders and candidates for office.

 The Board of Directors may take positions on key legislative and policy issues at the state and local levels which will affect seniors.  These positions are communicated to policymakers through letters from the chapter and individual members, through petitions and personal contact.

Periodically the committee sponsors field trips to key facilities in the area to educate members about the services provided by these groups. Recently yhe Legislative/Environmental group talked with Todd Lawson, Administrator of Sussex County Council on three key issues facing this county:  Transportation, HOA's and Pollution of our Inland Bays.